Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Day 4: From Meh to Yeah!!

Today marks day 4 of my "30 Before 30." Honestly, today began with me feeling "meh." Which is not necessarily a discernible sound, but simply means...you're not your happy peppy self. This was for a couple reasons...

1) I AM SORE!! I started a "CrossFit at Home" challenge on Sunday to rev up my exercise as part of my "30before30." While I am excited about getting back in exercise mode, I hurt from my hair follicle to my toes! CrossFit is a million reps of any exercise you can think of times a million rounds. I've exaggerated of course, but that's how my body feels. Nonetheless, I have decided...

So, I might as well just establish a love/hate relationship with them now, and

I don't love to workout, just love the results, so I'm going to keep on trucking!

2) Another reason I was a little "meh" was because it happened to be one of those days that other people can just drive you mad, be frustrating, or irritating. Oh, and did I mention how SORE I still am! Anyhoo, to tackle this unlikely start to my day, and spark the happy; I chose to take my eyes off of the gray clouds and focus them on other things by implementing some of my "30before30" tasks on my list...

Back to life, Back to Journaling...
art journaling that is-
I used to journal in high school and college all the time. Somewhere between graduation and starting my teaching career, I lost the time and passion for it. What better way to give positive/constructive time to myself than by journaling. I chose to broaden my horizons and move from simple writing to Art Journaling. Art journaling is just that, using art and doodles to document your thought life. I let go of the perfectionist part of myself and just scribbled all that was on my mind. Sometimes you just need to let it out. Whatever thoughts you have...the good, the bad, the thoughtful, the random, the junk, the treasures. Just get it out! Very helpful for one who can't ever turn her brain off. I'll have to keep this one up!

When you don't feel awesome,
 it's time to tell others how awesome they are!-
From time to time, like today; you wake up and feel "meh." For me, one of the best ways to bring the happy back (as this is also one of my 30before30 tasks) is to do things for others. I LOVE TO GIVE! I don't have to have a reason, I just like to make others happy through giving. So, I find it helpful to also do this when I don't feel all that great. After some cathartic art journaling, I decided to choose 5 people to encourage, and send them each a note with a small gift. What I named my "5X5." 5 things for 5 people. Why is this beneficial? I think it's always a good idea to turn yourself away from your thoughts, problems/issues and focus in on someone else. When you're in your own funk, it seems to weigh on you. However, when you start to give of yourself; it literally takes that heavy weight away. I also feel it's the random thoughts, appreciation, and giving that can truly propel others. The things you least expect to receive can add that much more to your day! Just because. You don't have to receive anything back, it just totally changes the path of your mood. That in itself makes it all worth the while. 

Water: Lesson in a glass-
Yes, a task on my "30before30" was to drink more water. I don't necessarily love water, unless I'm working out and hot (then it's my best friend!). Outside of that instance, I have a hard time making it a drink of choice. I mean, who doesn't love the sweet yummyness of juice! I love juice even more than soda. However, I know having a good water intake is healthier. For this reason, I felt that it was necessary to add such a simple thing to my task list. Funny, replacing one thing with another can mean so much. I just began being more conscious of this when I started my challenge about 3 days ago. I planned to only drink water. Just water. With breakfast, lunch, dinner, in restaurants, etc. I wouldn't say it's at all a solid habit yet. I do have to consciously decide to do it. But, I have realized in this short time that replacing something drab with something fab, consistently, causes you to desire the drab thing less. Well, duh! you might say. Yes, this is an obvious truth. However, you wouldn't believe how amazed I am that I no longer need what I thought I would. What a lesson for so many things other than water! Many of us are so quick to say "I need..." when we really just want it, but know that we don't really need it. I would even say, I hated water at one point. Few days in, I am more appreciative about how a no calorie, unsweetened, cold, clear, glass of water has changed my mind. I need water whether I want it or not. 

How many things do we need, but don't want? 
This is the difference from going from "Meh" to "Yeah!!"

Another day in the books. "30before30"
*Surrounding myself with good people/with good goals/for good causes
*Doing the hard stuff because the hard stuff is the good stuff
*Dotting my i's and crossing ALL of my t's
*Going from "Meh" to "YEAH!!"


  1. Saw your comment on my blog and had to come visit! Keep up the awesome things you are doing; super inspirational messages you are sharing too. Looking forward to following your 30 by 30 posts and results!! XOXO niki

    1. Thanks so much Niki!!! You are appreciated!!