Sunday, June 23, 2013

Day 2: Crossfit Smossfit: 30 Before 30

Day 2: 30 Before 30
"Crossfit Challenge"

So, part of my "30 Before 30" included 30 days of exercise. Ha! This has been me lately...
Enough of that. It's summer, I have NO excuse and I love a challenge. Previously, I posted about starting the "30 day Crossfit at Home Challenge" I found on Pinterest by blogger, "Momma Crossfitter." Let's be honest, everyone wants to do what is most convenient and practical. For me, right now, this seemed perfect. Why not? Plus, I needed to do something with my "Exercise Board" on Pinterest.

Since I missed my first day of exercise, I decided to combine days one and two on the schedule. This included 4 rounds of the following:

Running 6 min. 
15 squats
10 pushups
20 KB (Kettle Bell) swings
7 burpees
21 situps
7 lunges....then back to 6 min. of running

This is Toya Pre-Crossfit Challenge:
Just happy-go-lucky, underestimating what I was about to embark upon...

CraftyGriffin's Workout Take-Aways:

What was I thinking?!- Not necessarily always a negative thing to think. I came to the realization that when I have this thought, it's because I am doing something hard. Something that takes intense focus, is a challenge, or a stressor. But, what a clarifying moment! There are times when this thought means....I must never do this again, or I need to do this! Working out, yeah, definitely something that needs to be "continually consistent." 

People give up too soon- I wanted to quit during round 2 (post "what was I thinking" thought). Nonetheless, I was determined to get it done and finish the 4 rounds, as there will be days where there will be 5 or 6 rounds to complete.  My "boyfriend/workout buddy/cheerleader" wouldn't let me quit anyway. The afterthought is that many times we want quit something too soon. There's an Israel Houghton song, Mercies, that comes to mind which says, "Nobody said it would always be easy, nobody said it would always be nice, nobody said that things would always turn out perfectly right." True that! Glad I didn't quit, it wasn't easy, nice, or perfectly right. I have a poster in my English classroom that says, "Just because something is difficult, doesn't mean you shouldn't try, just means you should try harder." I had to take my own medicine in regards to sticking it out today. I still don't believe that English class is harder than working through pain, but I am sure my students would beg to differ.

Just do it!- It's cliche and a Nike slogan, but seriously...sometimes you just need to accomplish something. I agree that many unnecessary burdens can come from just not accomplishing a task and/or doing the right thing (remnants of the sermon I heard today at church). I have MANY examples of this in my own life. Just ridiculously, unnecessary stress from not getting things done, or even the RIGHT things done. The feeling of finishing and knowing that it was really for your own good, can't argue with that. Too many times I feel we finish things that are not for our best interest. 

It's easy to do the easy stuff, and hard to do the hard stuff. Simple as that.- There's a plethora of things where this applies. From just checking off To Do lists, to saying the right things, having the right motives, or simply treating people the right way. Sad how easy it is to be a pain instead of being the positive. It's hard to be good. Good requires sacrifice at times, it's a choice, it's killing your flesh (the part of you that wants to do the total opposite of what you should do). That's the hard stuff, but the good stuff. Easy doesn't care, easy is not considerate, easy doesn't take the time, easy gets by, easy sometimes looks like a great structure on the outside and is crumbling on the inside, easy is just that and nothing more. All that's been accomplished, worth it, great, and caused growth has been hard. 
My ultimate take away: How much hard stuff can I do? 

Post Crossfit Challenge: a sweaty, accomplished, tired gal!

*Surrounding myself with good people/with good goals/for good causes 
*Doing the hard stuff, because the hard stuff is the good stuff!
Here's to another day in the books. 30 Before 30!

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