Saturday, June 22, 2013

Day 1: 30 Before 30!

Today begins my "30 before 30" birthday initiative! I haven't been too jazzed about turning 30 lately...not sure why exactly, but maybe just because it's a final goodbye to the 20s. It's nice to notice how you've grown in a myriad of ways, so to make 30 matter; I've decided to do the following things for 30 days...

*30 days of giving (anything from time to gifts)
*30 days of exercise
*30 days of water (why? because I hate it and I need to love it)
*30 days of MORE in-depth scripture memorization and Bible study
*30 days of happy just because
*30 days of blogging about my 30 days (of course)

Seems like a mountainous task, but why not? So, because I am me, I made a calendar for all of this, printed my "Cross-Fit" at home schedule, and made my own scripture cards to kick off getting my Word on!

I found a calendar printable on Pinterest (the best site ever) and wrote out my 
routine for the next 30 days...which pretty much includes giving opportunities, exercise, water, studying, and blogging. Printable Link:

Here's my "Cross-Fit at home" calendar, again found on Pinterest.
I can't afford a workout program each month, so this is the next best thing! Who says you can't get sore, toned, and sweaty at home? Here's the link to "Momma Crossfitter 30 day challenge":

My scripture cards, 30 of course. I started out with a pre-made list, but then decided I would brush up on some common scriptures and insert ones I am not so familiar with and/or ones that were on specifics areas of growth, that I needed. 

Day 1: June 22, 2013:
I found the Need-Tarrant faith based non-profit online (randomly). I emailed the coordinator days prior, and simply told her I was a teacher off for summer break who was looking to help out. She informed me that they volunteer at the food bank every 2nd and 4th Saturday. Since a 4th Saturday was coming up, I decided to join. It was definitely a new experience to meet up with a group I didn't know and help out at the food bank. I had been to the food bank once before with my students, but being there to physically help with meals was a joy! The Need Group was very welcoming, and excited that I randomly agreed to help them, help the food bank. 
Few things I learned in my 3 hours of packing meal boxes:
-Everyone is nice, when the goal is positive. Amazing how sweet, thoughtful, and considerate a group of diverse people can be when their ultimate goal is to help others. I found myself laughing, talking, and working as a team with a room full of people I had never met before.
-Packing boxes is not a joke! It takes lots of focus to pack what you feel a family would need, like to eat, one that fit the weight and capacity requirements, one free of expired food items, and one with care:) It's a grueling task, your body gets tired of standing, your hands are dirty (even through the gloves), you are constantly looking for things, and lifting more boxes....but YOU DON'T CARE. You only care about completing the task and making meals that you know will be on someone's table next week. 
-Everyone has to be on the same team to be successful. Meaning that no one can have a hidden agenda or motive in order to complete a meaningful task. There were several groups volunteering, and my team consisted of many different people. We pulled together to find things that were lost, pack with concern and care, revamp a plan when it didn't work (as packing a box of food is like a puzzle). The best part was the continued validation, affirmation, appreciation from  those on my team. I don't know you, but thanks for pointing out my strengths and telling me "Great Job!" repeatedly. What does that make me want to do? MORE! Funny how, those who know us better than strangers can sometimes find it difficult to genuinely appreciate. 
-Simple things are a BIG DEAL! 
We clapped and cheered when we found items like syrup, ketchup, flour, mustard, Velveeta meals. It was like Christmas! Which was a phrase many uttered throughout the morning. Interesting how excited we were over finding simple items just to make a basket complete with a variety of meals to make. I was happy about condiments today. Condiments. Don't tell me that you can't find joy in anything. If a bottle of ketchup put a smile on my face today, then the possibilities of happiness are limitless. 
What I learned today: Surrounding yourself with good people, with good goals, for a good cause is a win-win. Most times you have to create those environments yourself. Thinking about our day to day, work, family, etc. So many things are what I call "perforated punch outs" -already assembled parts of life that we HAVE to deal with. The sweet thought for myself is how many good people/good goal/ good cause experiences can I insert in my life? In the next 30 days....I'll find out!


  1. I love your 30 before 30 idea and list! So inspiring! Good luck to you!!

    1. Thank you!! Thanks for being part of it!