Sunday, October 26, 2014

My Favorite Pinterest Truths!


  One of my hobbies is to pin, pin, pin! From crafts to ELA Cafe inspiration, to housewares, to quotes I love to pin! Now, how many times does one actually go back through their boards? Among the thousands of things I've Truth board is always one that I love to go through from time to time. Whether I need a God reminder that will lead me to my study time, or a good smack in the face, my Truth board is worth keeping, adding to, and a great one to reflect upon. Here are some of my favorite Pinterest Truths:

I love this because it's a flesh killer. The opposite of what we would like to do, and a great reminder for myself to zip it when I'm right (maybe I'll be silent for a while.....Ha!) and to be quick to admit when I'm wrong. A constant prayer, join me will you?

     Don't worry? Novel idea. 
What a great realization that most things we worry about don't worry about us. Cast your cares, cast your cares, cast your cares. I know, easier said than done.....1 Peter 5:7.

Speaks for itself. Thanks Lacrae.

So, when I find myself  weak.....God is my spinach. Yes, I made a Popeye reference, but I too don't always have my daily Spinach. The Joy of the Lord is my strength. 

I'm a teacher, I give my the end of the day I must remember it does not define me. Even when it sucks me dry:)
Story of my life. Need this reminder daily. The struggle is real.

I try to land this point with my students.....someday they will understand :)

Well, if it was going to be this easy, then we wouldn't need Faith, would we?

Sometimes it's painful to not comment. Actually, many times it's painful. I'm growing....slowly but surely. Considering I have things to say everyday and don't- means there is progress. Thank you Lord for quieting my messed up mind and mouth. Still a ways to go!

For when I feel like a failure:) Thank you Jesus! You make all things new:)

Everyday. All day. Someday.....

Until next time....