Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Diary of a Lazy Teacher: Meal Prep

So, in efforts to stay on track with my eating.....meal prep has to happen!

1. I love food, especially all the foods I DON'T need to eat.
2. Grocery shopping and having to skip the snack/cookie/baking/chip/soda aisles is just a few smiles short of fun.

So, midway through shopping I thought it was appropriate to snap a shot of my basket void of all the yummy sweetness that I crave...
With a few more items to round out my shopping, it was time to put them together; to avoid having what we have coined in the teachers' lounge as a "paddy meal."

CraftyGriffin's Back to School Meals (my attempt anyway)....
 So, when you have a fistful of Boston Market chicken left pack it! The mashed potatoes and mac and cheese I wanted are there in spirit. In reality, green beans and fruit will do. By the way, plastic cupcake containers make the BEST fruit containers! They're cute too:)

A chicken breast (size of my hand), with a side salad in container. Also, along with it I packed my "Passing Period Snacks." 
"I always have time to snack throughout the day!" Said no teacher ever. Hence, the PPS, passing period snack....the one you casually eat at your desk when the bell rings for the glorious 5 min. you have between classes:)

Spinach turkey wraps and fruit cup
Chicken breast and green beans
Passing period snack! Not just any apples, HONEYCRISP apples which are the best, hands down. Love them!
Along with setting up my meals, I also prepped my green smoothies. Picky little me, loves green smoothies! This is probably the only way I'll get that much spinach in my system. I usually drink one each morning with breakfast, or as breakfast. However,  when I'm in a frantic teacher rush, sometimes they don't get made. So, I pre-made them this time (mason jars are the best for this!), and they're cute, yet again. Couple ice cubes, TONS of spinach, 1 banana,  4 strawberries and blend, blend, blend. Yum! Now, I can grab and go.

Ta da! Lunch for the week. Not sure which one I'll take each day. Most likely I will treat my prepped meals like clothes. Whatever I feel like wearing that day gets worn (and sometimes my mind changes a couple of times). Nontheless, I have to admit mornings are much better when things are prepped:) Plus, I know that I'm getting a decent lunch each day. Here's to finding more healthy stuff to eat and planning ahead.

Proverbs 21:5 (NLT)- "Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity, but hasty shortcuts lead to poverty."

Until next time...

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