Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Day 24-26: Just Keep Swimming....Just Keep the Bigger Picture

Today is day 26 of my 30before30! Seems like an eternity from day 1, but I am still going. The past few days have been filled with relaxation and giving of my time. Yesterday, I volunteered and continue to enjoy working and helping others each week. I'm getting better with the numerous tasks of an intake volunteer, and getting to interact with the community has been fun. One of the highlights of my day yesterday was talking to a client (who was in need of food assistance) about Lucille Ball. While discussing her file, I noticed she had an "I Love Lucy" purse. Such a small thing that made me realize something even bigger. As much as we are all different and have different struggles.....WE'RE SO THE SAME!

We had totally different backgrounds, circumstances, and experiences...but we both LOVE LUCY. After a while, I forgot about her struggles to feed her family, needing services, etc. We were just able to gab about Lucille Ball and how this 1950s comedy was the best thing since sliced bread. As my shift of helping out ended, I realized how thankful I was that I stepped into this venture. It's great to feel productive and at the same time, be in an environment where nothing matters but genuine help and kindness. That conversation with her was a fun one, and seeing what others are going through each week...just reminds me to keep swimming. Meaning, keep doing what matters most. There are days that we (myself included) go through the motions, and while intentions are good; we can sometimes lose sight of WHY we're really doing what we're doing.

I initially found this opportunity for myself. I wanted to incorporate more volunteerism, more giving of my time, more stepping outside of myself into my life. Great intentions, but once the work starts it's easy to get wrapped up into "what needs to get done." Pull a file, review info, ask what services are needed, etc. However, taking the time to talk, listen, and even find moments of similarity while helping....that's why I'll continue.

Along with giving time, I also continued to workout! Oh, it's SO hard. And I have decided that's it's hard because:

-It's a process that take TIME
-It hurts
-It's continuous
-Requires discipline
-Makes you kill your flesh and sacrifice
-Slacking takes you back 10 steps

Then, I was reminded that anything worth doing is all of the above. If it was easy, then everyone would do it, right? So, I will keep swimming in my 4 days to go of my 30before30 and thereafter. I literally kept yelling Philippians 4:13 today as I trudged through my crossfit workout. I had nothing left after only 3 rounds, and I was seconds away from collapsing into exhaustion. Today's workout called for pull-ups. I had my pull-up bar in place and went for the 10 pull-ups x5 with all the gusto I had in me. Needless to say, I stopped at #2 and thought "I really have to pull MYSELF up? Seriously?!" Of course the answer was yes, as my "Momma Crossfit" schedule reminded me of my WOD (workout of the day). So, I tried my best again, seeming to only get maybe an inch or two off the ground. With each round, I got a teensy bit better. Throughout though, I contemplated....well if I weighed less, maybe this would be easier...I won't be able to finish...what was I thinking. But, I kept yelling Philippians which after round 4 just became a "4:13" mumble due to the exhaustion.

However, I made it!! I made it through, sweaty, tired, laid flat out on the floor...but I made it. I began this journey agreeing to do the hard stuff (previous posts) and through the hard stuff you HAVE TO KEEP SWIMMING. Today, I didn't want to, but I pushed through. I appreciated it afterward and the soreness I'm feeling as I currently type is the best pain ever! You feel good anytime you:

-Go through the process and take the TIME
-Feel the hurt when necessary
-Continue the continuous process
-Require discipline of and in yourself
-Kill your flesh and make the sacrifice
-Not slack and refuse to go back 10 steps

Now, this isn't easy to stick to, but it is NECESSARY. So, today was my "Keep Swimming" day. When you keep swimming, you're able to continue, go to the depths necessary to see the bigger picture. I was reminded thus far this week, that I share similarities with a diverse group of others; and that finishing/continuing something is sometimes all that is needed to succeed. Reminders are always needed and great to have from time to time. My ultimate reminder today:

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming!

Another day in the books. "30before30"

*Surrounding myself with good people/with good goals/for good causes
*Doing the hard stuff because the hard stuff is the good stuff
*Dotting my i's and crossing ALL of my t's
*Going from "Meh" to "YEAH!!"
*Staying sane while the world goes crazy
*Being more aware and helping others, so I can help myself!
*Aspiring to go from good, to better, to best in ALL things!
*Taking the butt kicking that comes with the journey!
*Getting Inspired!
*Counting it all joy and staying on track!
*Being thankful on purpose!
*Taking the time to LOOK!
*Going to keep swimming to see the bigger picture!

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