It's Not Going to Happen, So Give It Up

I was going to title this post, "Things Folks Don't Preach Enough About" but my actual title is more true to my thoughts. Today is New Year's Eve Day. The day folk get all geared up to be different than they were a year ago. The day where your Facebook feed is filled with status updates, quotes, and memes with "new year, new me" undertones. The day where churches prepare sermons for evening services to jolt us into a holier perspective for the new year. The day when your outlooks for a do over are promising and your wish lists are full. BUT.......we all know that realistically, even all of those things have some expiration date. Not because we want it to be so, but because we're human....and because usually the more you build up something the less likely you are to commit to it. So, those who are successful are simply those who REALLY desire things to be different, not just hopeful that they will be. 
Going into 2019, I'm not set on any specific th…

If you give a cop a cookie....and other musings

So, if you want to know what prompted my random "Give a Cop a Cookie" day.....'s what I was thinking this week...BothMatter:
So, before you judge the subheading this is not yet another debate on Black lives versus all lives. Haven't we all had enough of that? I have. I'm exhausted trying to explain anyway. However, I wanted to preface this post with the idea that more than one thing matters in the midst of all the ugly we have been bombarded with this past week. 
If you've chosen a side, #sorrynotsorry. If you haven't chosen a side, good for you because Blue lives and Black lives are not football teams. So, surprise! I'm Black. And yes, there are so many layers to this onion I couldn't write a book that could tell it all. Nonetheless, I'll spare you the long story and cut to some of the chase. There's a phrase "being Black in America" that carries stories miles long, a depth so deep you probably would become lost, and feelin…

While the world goes crazy, I'm taking a bite of Psalm 94....Part II

Yeah, I should be asleep but I'm not. The insomnia bug has bitten me within the last week. Blame it on my schedule change with my knee surgery meds or my incessant brain that won't shut up. Either way, I'm up. However, my blog bug has bitten as well, and what's on my heart is weariness (not just my physical weariness), but mental weariness that the world can bring from time to time.

Are you tired too? Stressed? Are you over it? Wondering what in the "ham sandwich" (An Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt reference) is going on nowadays? Just so tired your tired is tired? If so, then sit down with me a bit and let's have some Psalm 94, shall we?

A while back (think a year or two), I wrote a blog post titled, "While the world goes crazy, I stay sane."
Link if you care to look back:
 I remem…

Reasons why you're not praying....

This post should really be titled, "Reasons Why I sometimes don't/haven't, etc. been praying." However, I have a notion I'm not the only one in the world who has had to check themselves and their prayer life from time to time. Currently, I'm in probably the biggest transition period of my life, and one thing I am learning about transition----it will bring you to your knees (and at the most random points in the process). Just when I think I have this moving life/career/surgery/family under wraps, something else gets thrown in the mix. Of course. Of course, it's life.....and I'm currently fighting the myriad of thoughts right now about boxes. Boxes. The unlimited amount of boxes that need unpacking far, far, away (life doesn't end and I'm a control freak- pray for me :). Nonetheless, I'm going to sit. Sit and blog. One, I have no other choice but to sit (my leg cast that I last blogged about, is still a part of me). I feel like I have a purp…

Leg Cast Confessions

Howdy and Happy Tuesday Blog Readers!

    I'm really surprised I haven't written consistently lately, since I have ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD. I'm currently on "Operation Recuperate and Heal" from knee surgery (about a week ago). Long story short, I was born with eccentric knees that needed to be redesigned if I wanted to continue to walk on this great earth. So I had a very intensive and extensive surgery (with a super long name) to correct the issue. Here's a visual:
So....the "supposed to be here" section- yeah, that's where my patella should be (note, this diagram is far from exact and just enhances my point) and my patella likes to flail around wherever it wants to in my leg. Hence, major surgery needed.
Nonetheless, I have been through this before with my right knee and now it was time to have my left leg broken, knee cap completely moved to a new location, bones realigned and a couple of screws to ensure that my knee doesn't develop a …