Toya the Teacher

  I love to create, have fun, and for my students to learn. I definitely have realized that I have a true passion for teaching. I have no idea if it will be my work, my entire life, but for now it still is rewarding as "they say." In order to avoid burnout, I try not to have the same classroom every year. Great thing about teaching is that every year truly is a new year! Messed up, start over. Something didn't work, begin anew next year. A couple years ago, I finally decided my classroom would have a true theme. Not just color schemes and cutesy signs, but a theme that was weaved through everything I did. So, hence the ELA CAFE complete with its very own "Cafe Chill." Take a peek...
Open for Learning!

Cafe Chill- library area, unlimited "Book-Fi"

Cafe Chill Bar Stool Chairs- Made from locker crates, fabric, 
and pillows from paisley decorated felt. 

My Classroom Rules- Keeping it simple!

My "Language Latte" Word Wall- Students add common "baby"
words and provide BETTER words on spoons. Great for
writing time. Need a better word? Grab a spoon for that word!
Students can take them to their desk, get a taste of the word in
their paper, and place it back in the coffee cup.

Recipe for Good Writing, also a good place to put
writing exemplars and rubrics!

Were you absent? Place a Carry Out order!
Students sign for their missed work and pick it
up from the correct folder. I even ding a bell
when their order is ready for pick-up :)

Weekly Menu (what we're doing) board and ToGo (homework) board

Table Settings- Still under construction before school began


  1. Hi, Toya! Thanks for visiting and following my blog. Your classroom theme is FANTASTIC! What a cool learning space. I'm glad we're connected. :)

    Aspire to Inspire

  2. Thanks Kristen! It's a pleasure, you have a great blog. Thanks again!