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The Coffee Table

So, in light of my move...I realized that I was missing something in my new living room--a coffee table! My last space was too small to have a coffee table, just enough room for a couch. The thought of hunting down the "perfect table" and paying a ridiculous amount for one; caused me to consider embracing my DIY side. I love to create and craft. In addition, my new love is making the useless, useful and the old, new!

I started by going through the millions of pins I have on Pinterest. You know, all those wonderful ideas that you pin, yet you haven't taken the time to do. I came across a coffee table pin that required:

*4 wooden crates from Michael's
*1 can of stain
*some screws

All of this about $60. Much less cheaper than the $100+ coffee tables I saw before channeling my DIY. Yes, there are awesome tables out there. Yes, it's easy to just buy something, already assembled. However, I wanted some character and a project. So, I got my supplies and convinced my wonderful beau to help me with the hardware of it all. 

I stained...

 and stained....(each block)

My awesome guy made a footer for me (out of the foot of my old bed frame)

Zzzt, Zzzt (my power tool sounds) the pieces together and then it was time for Poly..urethane that is.

I love it!! Sometimes you need to just take the time to put something together! This cutie is currently drying...a couple more Poly coats and I can add a centerpiece to finish off. One of the reasons I loved this style is that it doubles as storage. I HEART functional furniture. It looks pretty and can do stuff, can't get better than that!

Kitchen Chalkboard

One quick addition to my kitchen (that rhymed) was my chalkboard. Again, a Pinterest tip. $5 (actually $4.47) wall mirror from Walmart, a can of chalkboard paint, a spool of burlap ribbon, and chalk of course!

*I sprayed the mirror
*Let it dry
*Fashioned a bow out of my burlap ribbon (attached it to the back with hot glue)
*Hung on my kitchen wall (another Zzzt, Zzzt power tool job)

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy (as my students like to say). Now, I have a cute way to keep track of my grocery list. Also, it can serve as an "anything" board since it's chalk. A quote of the day, scripture for the week, anything! Again, I HEART functional furniture and decor pieces. Now I can practice some fancy chalkboard lettering...

and yes...I really do need bread :)

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  1. Wow Mrs. Griffin not only are you an amazing teacher, but you also have the time to run your own small business and complete your own awesome DIY projects. I wouldn't be able to handle all that. You are truly awesome.
    -Sabrina S